Learning Module 7: Efficiency in water management: Artificial Intelligence & White Certificates

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The Learning Module covers topics related to energy efficiency in Integrated Water System. The new regulatory context defined by ARERA’s resolution no. 917 of 27/12/2017 and the Industry 4.0 revolution are driving an increasing dependence between water and energy issues.

The traditional Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) approach to the industrial sector, shall be applied to water systems, including audit and identification of interventions, aimed at optimizing the systems by increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Particular attention should be paid to the calculation and certification methods for the savings achieved, as well as to a continuous monitoring and control of Key Performance Indicators over the years., EGO Power has personnel certified for the use of IPMVP savings calculation methods. Another important aspect concerns access to incentives, in particular to White Certificates. EGO Power has obtained the first White Certificates ever allocated to an energy efficiency project in water distribution.
The following topics will be discussed: •        Energy audit to identify efficiency measures and establish KPIs; •        White Certificates: mechanism, project presentation method, measurement and certification of savings, monetary value of TEEs; •        TEE case study in water distribution. A particular focus will be dedicated to EGO Power Cognitive Machine Learning tools for the analysis of big data and for the extraction of optimization rules to reduce system consumption while respecting the operating constraints. During the Learning Module, a case study on the water distribution network will be analyzed.



  • Gaining insights on energy audit and White Certificates for the Integrated Water System
  • Working knowledge of Cognitive Machine Learning tools in the water sector


Target audience

  • Water utilities




Ing. Chiara Basso

Ing. Luigi Parodi Giusino