Learning Module 6: Efficient Modelling & Monitoring of water distribution systems


Numerical models today play a strategic role in every activity of study, planning and management. As part of the distribution networks, simulation codes are increasingly used in integrated mode with GIS platforms and monitoring systems to support the search for losses, budget analyzes, maintenance and real-time management. At the same time, the progressive completion of detailed knowledge of drainage networks allows better understanding of the flow dynamics, identifying the relative criticalities and then planning maintenance, restoration, as well as parasitic water research, in addition to analysis of flooding risk.


Overall, the numerical models now offer the possibility of a better knowledge of the dynamics (quantitative and quality of water) that regulate all phases of the SII, representing a fundamental pillar for every design activity and, above all, management optimization of networks and installations. The improvement in service and management, achievable using numerical models and platforms, has become a fundamental prerogative even in the face of Resolution 917/17 issued by the Authority (ARERA), increasingly attentive to the technical quality of the service.


During the Learning Module, a series of technologies and software solutions will be presented for the advanced and optimized networks management; for some solutions will be shown real and operational cases on the national territory and internationally.



  • Provide a framework of the software technologies available for optimal and integrated management of urban networks (drainage and distribution)
  • Provide practical examples of management systems already implemented and operational to date
  • Show how the use of advanced modelling tools can provide an efficient response, both in terms of results and timing, to ARERA questions.


Target audience

  • Technicians, specialists and researchers in the field of water management
  • Water utilities



  • Davide Persi, Head of Water Resources and Urban division, DHI