Learning Module 3: Expert guidance on AMR and AMI


The management activities of the measures within the Integrated Water Service are changing radically.
New rules and greater efficiency imposed by the Authority encourage industry operators to use the new technologies available and to seize the opportunity to implement water meter reading data acquisition systems.
The Learning Module conducted by Sensus therefore wants to focus on this evolution, starting from the meter, the source of data, that from a silent and blind device becomes a real electronic end-point of a complex smart water network.
The following topics will then be considered:
• New generation smart meters, more performing and more flexible.
• Smart water networks, layers and definitions.
• AMR Radio Mobile solutions, a tool for network maintenance activities.
• AMI solutions and new IoT technologies.
The topics will be presented by means of slides and presenting case studies carried out with major national and international water service companies.

• Provide a technical update on new measurement instruments for consumption control in residential and industrial applications.
• Provide an overview of the new smart metering technologies currently available nationally and internationally for consumption control and monitoring of network data.
• Evaluate the impact of innovations on the leakages reduction

Target audience
• Technicians, specialists and researchers in the metering sector
• Water service managers

Edited by
Osvaldo Paleari, Ing. Matteo Pagliarani