Learning Module 2: Managing production flow meters and volumes of water supplied

Learning Module Isoil Industria SPA.



The Learning Module deals with the periodic verification of flow and volume meters both in the field and in the laboratory and with the importance of accredited and non-accredited calibrations.

The life of an aqueduct revolves around 3 fundamental moments: design, construction and operation.

The third point is what then allows the aqueduct to live and, among other things, to be able to account for.

This is the part where the service managers check that the plant is operating as close as possible to the design concept.

This module will focus on the physical quantities volume flow rate and total volume which are measured by specific instruments suitable for the purpose: flow meters and volume meters.

The values and the variations of these quantities have a key-role in drawing a picture of the changing operating conditions of the plant, both in standard and in any anomalous phases.

Hence, they play a very important and fundamental role in the aqueduct management and especially in the measurements accounting.

This module will therefore provide an in-depth analysis of the activities envisaged for periodic audits, the regulatory references and the legal aspects. Indications on the type of instrumentation to be used in the periodic checks and some hints on how ‘obsolescence’ in mechanical instruments can put at risk the correct metering of the measure.

A brief description of who can carry out the periodic checks and which laboratory is qualified to perform the calibrations will be given.




  • Provide a technical-scientific update on legislation and emerging issues in the field of periodic testing of field instrumentation
  • Provide an overview of examples of how field audits can be carried out and which organizations are qualified to do it.
  • Provide an overview of how instrumental obsolescence can put at risk the correct reading of the measurements
  • Provide an overview of the difference between accredited and non-accredited calibrations.


Target audience

  • Technicians, specialists and researchers in the field of water treatment
  • Water utilities



Elisa Majori- Laboratorio (LIBRA).