Learning Module 1: Emerging technologies for drinking water treatment, wastewater and sludge treatment


Nowadays, many drivers to innovation are rising in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment, deriving from a number of challenges we are dealing with: new quality standards, plant efficiency, sustainability of the whole water management cycle. To face these challenges, many technologies are available in the market, each one having different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and readiness levels.

The Learning Module is aimed at presenting some of the most recent technological trends at global level in various key‑sectors of the wastewater management, such as the recovery of energy and resource (e.g. organic matter, nutrients, water) from wastewater and sludges. Examples of technical and strategic solutions adopted worldwide will be presented, to encourage the comparison with the Italian context and the discussion.

The module is also aimed at presenting an innovative approach to scout, assess and adopt these technologies, based on the comparison with the water utilities from all over the world, with the global best-practices and on the sharing of information when evaluating and testing the technologies.



  • Giving a technical and scientific update about the global emerging issues, recent trends and emerging challenges regarding the efficiency and the sustainability of wastewater treatment and sludge management
  • Giving an overview (with the presentation of case studies) of the emerging technologies available at national and international level
  • Showing innovative strategies for a knowledge-based and effective adoption of new technologies


Target audience

  • Technicians, specialists and researchers in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Water utilities



Andrea Piazzoli (Isle)

Christian Kabbe (Isle)