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YWP Workshop: Developing a Roadmap: ICT solutions for Water in Smart Cities

Wednesday 19th October 2016, 10:30-16:00


Pre-conference Workshop for Young Water Professionals

This workshop for and by Young Water Professionals (YWPs), is developed by the International Water Association on behalf of the partners of WIDEST, a European Commission project, which aims to establish an interconnected ICT for Water community.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a keystone of everyday life. With almost half of the world people having access to the Internet, ICT is ever-present. As ICT are key drivers for the development of Smart Cities, this workshop aims to identify smart solutions and strategies for Water in Smart Cities.

Join us for a dynamic Workshop for Young Water Professionals in Bologna to:
· Learn about ICT via interactive exercises and share experiences with “senior” water professionals about possible smart strategies and solutions;
· Discuss and spark fresh ideas with other young water professionals from around the globe about opportunities for smart solutions in the water sector;
· Influence decision makers by creating a YWP version of a roadmap on Smart Water Cities, which will be shared with the European Commission.

Lisa Bross YWP Bylka YWP Emilio YWP Isabella YWP Zambia

Lisa Bross
Chair of Organization Committee YWP Workshop

Organization Committee YWP Workshop: Lisa Bross (Germany), Sumbi Shimwambwa (Zambia), Isabella Susnjara (UK), Jedrzej Bylka (Poland), Joao Nuno (portugal) & Emilio Attilio Lanfranchi (Italy)


YWP Workshop Program

10.30 – 13.00:

  • Workshop Opening and Ice-breaker
  • Introduction of Organization Team and Aim of Workshop: Lisa Bross (Germany), Sumbi Shimwambwa (Zambia), Isabella Susnjara (UK), Jedrzej Bylka (Poland), Joao Nuno (Portugal), Emilio Attilio Lanfranchi (Italy)
  • Round of introduction of participants
  • Presentation 1: EU Roadmap development – ICT4Water Cluster – Marcin Stachura
  • World Café: Chances of ICT4Water/ Ideas of new fields for ICT in the water sector

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch Break

14.00 – 17.00

  • Presentation 2: Lessons learned by WIDEST – Aitor Corchero (Eurecat)
  • Presentation 3: The ICT4Water roadmap promoted by EC DG-CONNECT
  • Presentation 4: WIDEST’s roadmaps (WIDEST representatives)
  • — Semantic Interoperability and Ontologies topical roadmap
  • — Smart City Connection topical roadmap
  • — Smart Water Grids topical roadmap
  • Round Tables Discussion on ICT solutions for Water in Smart Cities


17.00     Social Event (Cocktail Reception for YWP and IWA, SWAN, AEEGSI and WAREG members) graciously sponsored by MM

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Download the registration form: Registration_ywp

Participation is free but seats availability is limited. Reservations will be processed on “first come, first served” basis. Please book your seat as soon as possible.


Widest Project

Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanisation, are driving the ‘smart’ growth of cities that are resilient and regenerative. One of the principle forces behind this are the many Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) being applied throughout the water cycle. How can smart water strategies enable effective supply and demand management, increase citizen awareness about water scarcity and improve the management of infrastructure of utilities and businesses?

A roadmap on Smart City Connection is currently under development by WIDEST partners, which provides policy and decision makers from municipalities and utilities an overview of the main aspects that need to be considered to effectively design and integrate ICT for Water solutions and strategies. This workshop aims to spark fresh ideas from Young Water Professionals via interactive exercises, group discussions, and dialogue with ‘senior’ water professionals to design a YWP version of this roadmap. Key challenges and recommendations will be identified to drive the development of ICT solutions for Water in Smart Cities, which may be integrated in the WIDEST roadmap to be shared with the European Commission.

Are you a Young Water Professional and would you like to help shape this event? Contact the International Water Association (IWA):

Download the PDF flyer: WIDEST_YWP_Workshop_description


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