SAVE THE DATE: Water Ideas 2018 ⇨ Bologna 17-19 October 2018

SWAN WORKSHOP: Achieving data integration and resilience planning – OCT. 20th afternoon


Smart Cities are becoming a reality around the world, as leaders and regulators embrace technology and innovation to meet their cities’ growing infrastructure needs and sustainability goals.

What role is water, arguably the most important of all services provided by a city, playing in the smart city?

Join us for the SWAN Workshop in Bologna to:

  • Hear from utilities around the world engaged in different stages of smart city planning. What are the opportunities as well as challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome?
  • Hear from technology providers whose technologies are being implemented as part of a smart city plan or an integrated water network.
  • Hear about the vision for the smart city as a platform for improving customer service and city sustainability into the future.

SWAN events bring together the key voices from across the industry. To get a sense of their value, see some of the feedback from SWAN’s recent Annual Conference.

SWAN Workshop Programme

14:00 – 15:40 Session 1: How to achieve water resilience through innovation

Chair: Keith Hilson SWAN Council Member and i2O

SWAN Introduction Amir Cahn, SWAN Director, UK

The EC Roadmaps for ICT for water Management, Marcin Stachura, Poland

Advanced data integration, export and analysis Giorgio Magni, ISOIL, Italy

Measuring risks to service and resiliency Francisco Cubillo, Canal Isabel II°, Madrid, Spain

Solutions to reduce leakages, energy costs and optimize pressure surges in the water network A. Pautasso, Grundfos, Denmark

Pump Station Efficiency : A new way of thinking S. Bunn, Suez Smart Solutions, New Zealand

Q/A Session

16:00 – 18:00 – Session 2: The keys to data integration

Chair: Stephen Galea S. John, Malta

Innovative on-line system for drinking water monitoring      Fabio Marelli, Angela Manenti & Marzia Bernasconi, MM, Italy

TEA water quality laboratory: from a legal obligation to a an opportunity M. Pedroni, B. Truzzi, G. Bonetti, Tea Acque, Italy

The integration of smart meter in a water grid: a perspective from a multiutility company Marcello Bondesan, HERA, Italy

Advanced technologies for Asset Management & Water Loss Management in transmittion pipes A. Giusto, PAM, France & K. Laven, Echologics, Canada Echologics

Dynamic Asset Management: Asset management evolution with Smart Networks D.Duccini, A. Letexier, D.Sinapah, SUEZ, France

Sustainable management of water at basin scale using advanced DSS and multilayer analysis: the CAP Group experience Maurizio Gorla, CAP, Italy

Q/A Session


About SWAN Forum

SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, is a worldwide industry forum promoting the development and adoption of data-driven technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. SWAN is the meeting place for industry leaders – water utilities, technology innovators, investors, academics, engineering and consulting firms, and policymakers – leveraging the power of collaboration to identify the tremendous opportunities in the smart water space and jointly overcome the challenges.

Members of the SWAN Forum are industry pioneers who are taking a leadership role in bringing the ‘smart’ into water networks.

Participation is free but seats availability is limited. Reservations will be processed on “first come, first served” basis. Please book your seat via email to:

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