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IWA Water Loss Specialist Group

In 1996 the International Water Association (IWA) embarked on an initiative to standardize water utility performance indicators. As part of this initiative, the Water Loss Task Force (WLTF) was established. The mandate of the WLTF was to reach international consensus on a standard water balance form and terminology and develop and recommend water loss performance indicators.

The WLTF was a small group of water utility professionals from around the world and was chaired by Allan Lambert (UK). After this initial work was completed the WLTF (now Water Loss Specialist Group) broaden its activities by working on international best practice concepts and methodologies for water loss management.

The Hosts

  • Marco Franchini (University of Ferrara)
  • Bruno Brunone (University of Perugia)
  • Pierfrancesco Pighetti (BolognaFiere)
  • Franco Fogaci (Gruppo Hera)
  • Fabio Marelli (MM)
  • Manuela Pedroni (TEA Mantova)
  • Nicola Bazzurro (Fondazione AMGA)
  • Cesare Cristoforetti (CAP Holding)

 Organising Committee

  • Giovanni Montresori (Labelab) Joint Chair
  • Marco Fantozzi (Studio Marco Fantozzi) Joint Chair
  • Marco Franchini (University of Ferrara) Joint Chair
  • Pierfrancesco Pighetti (BolognaFiere) Joint Chair
  • Bruno Brunone (University of Perugia)
  • Nicola Bazzurro (Fondazione AMGA)
  • Carlo Carrettini (Aqualab)
  • Fabio Marelli (MM)
  • Federico Ferretti (IRETI, Gruppo IREN)
  • Claudio Anzalone (Gruppo Hera)
  • Cesare Cristoforetti (CAP Holding)
  • Davide De Battisti (AIMAG)
  • Andrea Cirelli (Scientific Committee H2O Fair)
  • Manuela Pedroni (TEA Mantova)
  • Rossella Monti (Landau Network Centro Volta)

Scientific Programme Committee

  • Chair: Marco Fantozzi (Italy)
  • Tim Waldron (Australia)
  • Mohammad Alshafey (Jordan)
  • Manthos Bimpas (Greece)
  • Ken Brothers (Canada)
  • Bruno Brunone (Italy)
  • Bambos Charalambous (Cyprus)
  • Francisco Cubillo (Spain)
  • Mary Ann Dickinson (USA)
  • David Duccini (France)
  • Paul Fanner (Bahamas)
  • Roberto Farina (Italy)
  • Malcolm Farley (UK)
  • Mordecai Feldman (Israel)
  • Marco Franchini (Italy)
  • Stephen Galea S. John (Malta)
  • Jan Janssens (Switzerland)
  • Zoran Kapelan (UK)
  • Joerg Koelbl (Austria)
  • Jurica Kovac (Croatia)
  • Allan Lambert (UK)
  • Lydia Lyroudia (UK)
  • Ronnie McKenzie (S. Africa)
  • Cor Merks (Netherland)
  • Amir Peleg (Israel)
  • Nikolas Petroulias (Greece)
  • Alex Rizzo (Malta)
  • Dragan Savic (UK)
  • Arjun Thapan (India)
  • Stuart Trow (UK)

Conference Secretary

Labelab Srl
Ravenna, Italy
Fax. +39.0544.1960238

In collaboration with:

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